House System

The House system is an essential part of the extra-curricular life of the school. Healthy competition can be a great incentive to develop and practise a variety of skills and at the College, students take the various House related events very seriously.

A House notice board is in a prominent place in the school, with news of results and forthcoming competitions as well as an update of total scores. Many of our students consult this source of information on a daily basis.

The names of the four Houses reflect the merger of Bramcote School with Scarborough College. Cooper and Hornby are former Bramcote Headmasters, and Crews and Armstrong are former College Headmasters. All four have also been House names within the history of the two schools, ensuring the tradition and history of both is maintained and honoured.

The House system provides great opportunities for the development of leadership and cooperation. Competitions such as Music and Drama require tremendous preparation, and teams of Sixth Form students will normally take charge and direct rehearsals.

The Public Speaking competition offers an excellent environment to develop the most crucial of all communication skills.

There are numerous sport related House events which enable many students to develop skills in running teams and organising events.