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Actions have Consequences

On Monday 18 February our Sixth Form students were the target audience for this very serious talk and presentation.  It was given by various members of the emergency service which included a short film and live speaker performances. It is aimed at students aged 15 upwards, with the main focus being to challenge young driver behaviour and ultimately keep this group of young adults safe on the roads.

The presentation consists of short sections compiled to captivate the attention of the young audience. The presentation mixes a short film, based on a local incident, with representatives who take to the stage to talk frankly and openly about their experiences. It was thought provoking, emotive and challenging and aims to empower students to take responsibility for their own actions on the roads – whether a driver or a passenger.

It is a devastating fact that road death is the biggest ‘unnatural’ killer of young people in the UK. Due to their unique biological stage of development, this group are more vulnerable to being involved in a collision.

Thank you to all the members of the various emergency services and volunteers who not only took time out of their busy lives to educate our students but who also protect and save thousands of lives on a daily basis.