School Day

Although we provide a structured environment, with daily routines, which the children get used to, there is not a set timetable at this stage in their education.  The children are encouraged to do what interests and inspires them.  There is a free flow system which operates all day, so the children can choose to go outside to play when they like.  Lunch is at 12.00 p.m. every day for those children who attend the morning sessions and snacks and drinks are available all day, not at a set time. 

As far as specialist activities, this gives you an idea of what activities are on offer and when, however, these do change depending on the availability of the specialist staff.  There is also flexibility every day for the staff and children to take advantage of the changes in weather and local events which may be happening and suitable for the children to take part in.  There are also trips and visits throughout the year, such as visits to Playdale Farm and visitors who come in to the nursery, including the local fire brigade.

Example of the possible sessions available during a normal week. are shown below.  These are usually for about 45-60 minutes, with the exact times varying depending on the staff involved and are subject to change.

Example of Activities

morning session

afternoon session


PE Music


French Gymnastics